Become a data scientist

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ELU is a university that aims to bridge the skills gap in the tech field through its unique educational model. We offer degree programmes to equip you with the skills that are highly demanded by employers of digital economy. Join ELU programmes for a brighter future!

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Data Science

Prepare for the hottest job in the tech age by mastering the skills in data science!

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ELU's Innovative Concept

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Develop Skill Sets of the Tech Era

Many people in full-time jobs are unhappy because the role doesn’t match their skill set. By learning with ELU you will have not just a strong academic education but practicable, applicable skills which you can use on day one of your new job.

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Get a Job While Studying

Once you achieve required professional skills, ELU matches you with suitable employers to enable you to work while you are learning. Because we have no lectures and no exams, you are able to balance learning with working – avoiding the mountainous debts many students at traditional providers incur.

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Learn Everywhere

No commitment to attend classes – learn at a pace that works for you, anywhere on the globe. Focus your learning on practice-based projects that work in the real world, not just in the classroom.

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Be part of our vibrant community

Collaborate with like-minded peers, learn the ‘soft skills’ that will help you in business as well as the ‘hard skills’ of knowledge, communicate effectively and learn from a network of mentors and experts.

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Pursue Your Dreams to Get the Job You Want

ELU’s unique learning experience sets you free to discover the career you want – not the career that someone else wants you to do. We place the student at the heart of our process, consciously matching you with employers who will generate mutual advantage.

No more working in dead-end jobs while waiting for something better to come along. With our career-focused approach, you’ll leave university with a clear idea of where you can best take your skills – and it’s highly possible that you’ll have a job waiting for you when you leave.

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