A Skills-Based University

Built for the Digital Economy

We’ve built European Leadership University to bridge the skills gap that businesses currently face. We do this by engaging with employers and developing talent to give them the skills they need now. Our aim is simple in design but ambitious in scope – to invest in talent for the fourth industrial revolution.

Why Study with Us


Our unique learning approach allows for a rich experience catered to diverse learning preferences.


Globally, corporates are seeking relevant skills as well as academic excellence. We provide the skills businesses want to see.


Our interactive learning design empowers you to study from anywhere while being connected to global community of like-minded learners.


Our programmes offer you best of all worlds, (digital content, 1-1 learning support, practical learning, interactivity, employability) at an affordable price.


We are fully accredited by YÖDAK - Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council, Nicosia.
We are currently preparing for national accreditation in the Netherlands by NVAO - Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands.

The genesis of ELU was a small training firm in Istanbul with a big heart and vision of the future of education. ELU is now a world leader in technology-driven talent development. ELU matches the growing and unsatisfied demand from the corporate world for relevant skills with the supply of degree-level young talent from countries where students could not normally afford to take the risk of getting a degree without the guarantee of a job. By leveraging the latest technology to deliver education and training in a low cost flexible way, it can serve a global market and help solve some of the world’s economic migration problems. ELU is an exciting investment opportunity because the global growth potential is huge and barriers to entry are high. I am very proud to have been involved from the start of this journey.

Advisory Board

Team Member

David Blake

CEO, Degreed
Team Member

Tatiana Goldstein

Managing Director, Octagon Capital
Team Member

Michael Horn

Co-Founder, Clayton Christenson Institute
Team Member

Whitney Johnson

Author and Thinker: Driving Innovation
Team Member

Janet Longmore

Founder and CEO, Digital Opportunity Trust
Team Member

Don Tapscott

Author and Thinker: Impact of Technology on Society
Team Member

Murat Erkurt

Managing Partner, Mediterra Capital Partners
Team Member

Paul Collins

Chairman, Equiteq
Team Member

Doug Keiller

Entrepreneur / Advisor

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