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Amsterdam Campus

Our campuses and hubs are well-integrated around Europe. They are collaborative hubs which will equip you with digital skills – and environments that will foster your creative abilities. As European Capital of Innovation, one of the leading skill cities of the world and Special focus on data science and AI, Amsterdam is looking for highly skilled talent. This is why we have chosen Amsterdam as our main hub, to provide innovative learning experince in the middle of Europe’s growing talent demand.

Competency Based Education

Our Employer Partners do not care about what courses you have taken but the competencies you have achieved. Based on our years-long experience with tech employers we have designed our programmes targeting 8 core competencies outlined below.

  • Accountable

    You demonstrate a high level of dependability and consistency with your words and actions in all aspects of the job.

  • Communicator

    You demonstrate full attention to employees’ concerns, adapt your communication based on personality styles and manage conflict with a satisfactory outcome.

  • Team Player
    Team Player

    You demonstrate the ability and desire to work cooperatively towards a common goal and treat others with respect and dignity.

  • Change Agent
    Change Agent

    You challenge the status quo by comparing it to an ideal or a vision of change and revolutionize your organization.

  • Visionary

    You demonstrate forward thinking with a collective sense of purpose and inspire confidence in your organization.

  • Analyzer

    You assess multiple choices before leading the team toward a solution with a critical review of data, documentation and input.

  • Trusted Advisor
    Trusted Advisor

    You are a disciplined professional with both domain and leadership mastery who can guide people and actions in your organization.

  • Agile Practitioner
    Agile Practitioner

    You are able to utilize agile frameworks, processes and practices in your team and organization.

A Learning Community Built Around You

To acquire the competencies needed for professional and personal success, you are surrounded with mentors, facilitators, company partners and your student fellows.

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